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i'm funnier when you're not around

unless you're rae

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17 November
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Hi! I'm crystal! I was born in a tiny shack by the mississippi river in a burlap underwear. It chaffs me so, I pick aloe on my way to school and rub it on my thighs to make it not burn so bad. hah. rae, you're too funny . i cant think of anything better to write on here so i'll just leave everything you've written and created as me ;)

I have a sad obsession with sugarcult. My friends call me the sugar loaf anti-christ.

hmm well thats a four year old lie . i dont really know what to think of myself. i'd like to think i was different from most people, but idunno. grr. i'm a bit odd. i say really crazy stuff when i get in this hyper mood thing. its fun though. people think i'm high. but i wouldnt know about that kinda thing. um..........thats all for now. i seem to really be enjoying mindless self indulgence at the moment. well, not this exact moment, but ....lately. nevermind. im boring. oh hey. i did write that part. haha im listening to patsy cline. so how long is this thing allowed to be? if you've ever read my journal before you could see how i get off topic and write for hours about nonsense..which is what im donig. its 4:42am and im sitting here writing to NOTHING. what is this? i dont KNOW. but i enjoy it. grr i have to get up in 4 hours. i think im out of breath. thats not cool. well, goodnigh tto all those who are still with me. weird. today is a couple years later from when i wrote that sh, and it is 3:50am. but you wouldn't know it because my timer is all shrewed up. thats why im here, actually, trying to figure-skate-iT-oouuttt. hahahah i totally years ago put 'workin on the ford' in my interests subject. hilar?

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